Alzheimer’s News

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Alzheimer’s disease is the most prevalent form of dementia and currently affects nearly 5 million Americans. It is estimated to afflict 1 in 85 people by the year 2050. There is no known cure for the disease and its causes continue to elude researchers. What is known is the devastation that it causes to the brains of those with AD and the extreme burden it places on the loved ones and families that are pressed into the role of caregivers.

Beyond its staggering financial toll, perhaps the steepest price is the one paid by caregivers and their immediate families. We wish we could portray a brighter scenario, but we would be doing a disservice to those grappling with AD – both patients and family members.

What we can do, however, is provide a centralized resource of educational material on AD along with trending news articles on the subject. In addition, we also look further afield at how Alzheimer’s is treated in the culture at large in the form of film, books, and art. AD will only come more into focus as society confronts an aging population with a much higher life expectancy. We hope that we can be one of many sources that you can turn to for Alzheimer’s news and information.

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