Alzheimer’s Daily News was an authoritative source for developments in the research and treatment of AD as well as other forms of elderly dementia. The AlzNews.org domain changed ownership in December 2014, but we at AlzNews.org are committed to continuing the fine tradition begun by Alzheimer’s Daily News in bringing you updates on the diagnosis and treatment — pharmaceutical and natural . We also appreciate the tremendous burden that caregivers bear, and we are on the lookout for tips and suggestions to make their lives a tiny bit easier.

Though the current editorial staff does not consist of medical practitioners, we embrace the disciplines of science and journalism, and as such, we make every effort to identify news items related to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia that our readership will find beneficial. We also check the sources for news stories and only publish those with a high degree of credibility. We look forward to bringing you these updates and welcome your suggestions and feedback on the content we publish.